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Man, Michaelmas was yesterday, it feels like is was just S Gregory’s day.



St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church, an Anglo-Catholic parish in Providence, Rhode Island.

I went to visit with a college friend of mine in RI in July, and I begged for her to accompany me to this parish. She’s so good to me, thanks Alicyn! I heard such good things about St. Stephen’s, not to mention their fabulous wooden painted and recently restored reredos. I wish I was able to attend Mass there, but alas, I visited on a Monday. 

Yes, please!

There many great and deep mysteries of the faith, but the greatest one right now is whatever the heck happened to the sanctuary Carpet at Lourdes. Seriously, it disappeared around eastertide and hasn’t been back since then. I hate the bare floor. It looks ugly and it’s also uncomfortable to kneel on. Also, no foot traction at ad orientem celebrations.

It’s gonna be years before I get out of college but I typed this up 4 years ago ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Today’s hymns (O Worship the King (Hanover) and Immortal, Invisible (St Denio) always make me think of high church but not quite anglo-catholic parishes with gloved servers and crucifers who do that weird arm bend thing. (I guess it doesn’t help that Lourdes has gloved servers!)

I think Philadelphia was one of the dioceses that somehow remained relatively traditional after the council, at least till the end of the 80’s when things fell apart. Fiddle backs, decently vested altars,lace, even communion at the rail were still common throughout the city for a long while.

Part of that was the late Cardinal Krol, who, though I have nothing positive to say of him as a person or archbishop, he did keep things strictly in rein. It was because of him that that cathedral never had it’s altar rail removed, and that the original high altar continued in use up until the days of the current archbishop (who, sadly, has discontinued that and ordered a roll-away table be put in the choir, with much opposition from the cathedral rector and the office of worship.)


S. Silas the Martyr, Kentish Town is probably the highest of all churches today being firmly set in the Anglo-Papalist camp of Anglicanism. However unlike the previous churches I have shown it does not have an illustrious history that has sustained it - most of its current execellence is due to the current rector Fr. Graeme Rowlands who has built was is the equivalent of a modern day slum parish (although the surrounding area is not a slum it is not the best part of town) where people find God through the wonder, mystery and majesty of the Catholic faith. 

The Liturgy of S. Silas’ is much more to my taste being modern Roman Catholic except for a Tridentine Latin Mass which is offered on Saturdays. 

The Pictures above show a small selection of the renowned collection of pious objects that litter St. Silas and I think the concentration of Statues of Post-Reformation saints definitely shows where Fr. Rowlands’ allegiance lies.

P.S on a final note I think they have just the right amount of candles on their High Altar (Percy Dearmer eat your heart out)


Feast of the Most Precious Blood, St. Paul’s Church in Philadelphia